About Us

Australian Academy of Sport Limited (AAS) was officially launched in 2009 with the aim of providing opportunities of sustained growth for elite athletes and existing or potential sports and recreation workforce participants.

6 Week Train the Trainers Coaching Education Certification Program for Swimming organised in collaboration with Swarnim Gujurat Sports University and Sports Authority of Gujurat

AAS is a specialised sports education and training organisation dedicated towards the personal and professional development of individuals and organisations engaged in the sport and recreation industry including athletes, administrators, coaches, officials, community based organisations and volunteers. We are just as focused on assisting athletes after retirement from professional sports to build their career and lead them through their transition from sport to their business life.

On behalf of the faculty, administrators and staff of AAS, we welcome you to our Academy. AAS is a provider of world class education and training. AAS understands the needs of our partners and offers high quality specialised, comprehensive, individually designed professional sport, training, and academic programs to rapidly resolve their needs.

AAS is a unique Institute in Australia. We understand the needs of our clients and offer highly specialised, comprehensive, individually designed sports and educational training programs to cover individuals in Australia and offshore. AAS provides a full excellence range of premium sports and educational, programs and qualifications delivered around the world through a network of delivery partners.

The foundation of AAS’s success is the uniquely talented and dedicated faculty, administrators and staff who share a commitment to high academic standards, comprehensive opportunities for students and individual attention to student needs. In addition to excellent education and training programs and services, AAS offers a truly collegiate environment and is committed to offering its students work experience in Australia and overseas.

AAS’s Continuing Education and Training (CET) programs will provide an excellent platform for a professional career and provide a competitive edge with career opportunities in the Australian and international market.

Our Vision

To be recognised as the leading organisation in Australia to create careers in sport and provide career transition to athletes after retirement from professional sports.

Our Mission

To create careers in sport through facilitating education and training programs and providing employment services to athletes and the general sport and recreation workforce.

Our Values

In its relationship with its stakeholders, the AAS will:

  • Be responsive to their needs
  • Consult and endeavour to reach common understandings
  • Be open and transparent listen and communicate openly
  • Accept full responsibility for its decisions and actions
Better Coaches, Better Sports.

AAS adopts the following values to underpin and guide its daily activity and future development:

  • Integrity… We will operate ethically, reliably, and honestly.
  • Excellence… We will exceed expectations and strive to be the best we can be.
  • Care and Respect… We will provide a caring understanding environment, acknowledging each other’s individuality and differences.
  • Differentiation… We will be leaders in our fields and create unique points of difference that set what we do apart from other education and training providers.
  • Ethical behaviour… Sincere, honest communication with our clients and team members, we ‘walk the talk’ by acting in line with our values and principles. We respect the opinions of others and are open and truthful in all our dealings.
  • Life-long learning… Committed to self-development and enabling everyone in our team to learn, grow and lead. We value knowledge, ideas, and skills. We recognise that our experiences contribute to our learning.
  • Working collaboratively… Work co-operatively, and learn from each other, while sharing our expertise to achieve the vision and objectives of the centre.
  • Quality results… We strive to do things better and look for ways to continuously improve our systems, processes and services to meet or exceed the needs of our stakeholders.
  • Customer focus… Demonstrate professionalism and respect by seeking to understand our clients’ needs. Responding to their requests in a timely and efficient manner and actively learning from the projects of our clients. We show case best practice to others.
  • Passion… Relentlessly pursue our goals and energies others along the way. We commit to seeing a project through from beginning to end. We make it happen and we have the enthusiasm and energy to spark others to perform.
  • Personalised services… Provide personalised services to meet the diverse needs of learners.
  • Enterprise Workforce Development… Work as a team with enterprises to provide customised workforce development solutions.
  • Student outcomes… Improve learning and employment outcomes for our students.
  • Sustainability… Develop and deliver products and services for the growing market and model environmental, socio-economic and business sustainability principles.
  • Workforce capability… Increase our workforce capability to improve responsiveness and capacity in the delivery of services.

Ashok Mistri visited Sama Sports Complex Baroda

Our Commitment

Australian Academy of Sport is committed to the following:


  • Doing all we can to help you achieve your main reasons for doing the course
  • Ensuring that experiences exceed your expectations
  • Supporting you in developing your employability skills to enhance your vocational options
  • Providing a range of support services to assist you

Providing industry and the community with the highest skills to develop capabilities and to enhance global competitiveness.


  • We aim to provide flexibility in training to meet your needs
  • We offer full-time delivery (daytime, evening or weekend)
  • Study tours