Certificate in Sports Nutrition


As a sports nutritionist, you’ll help elite athletes get the most out of their bodies and performances through food and nutrition. Optimum nutrition can make a vast difference to how your body responds to training, your competition results and the speed of recovery.

Australian Academy of Sport (AAS) has developed a course that will provide you the skills and knowledge required to support athletes to achieve peak performance in the relevant sporting activity. Upon the completion of this course you will be able to design a diet with the correct nutritional requirements to optimise sporting performance.

Career opportunities

As a sports nutritionist, you’ll consult directly with athletes or work alongside other professionals in a sporting club or an elite training institute.

Course Topics

The topics in this course include:

  • The food groups
  • Fuel for your sport
  • The principles of sports nutrition for training and performance
  • Design a diet for training
  • Recovery eating
  • Principles of hydration and fluid replacement
  • Body weight monitoring methods
  • Nutritional deficiencies and eating disorders
  • How to design a diet for an athlete
  • The vegetarian athlete
  • Principles of safe weight loss and weight gain principles
The question remaining is,
what constitutes good nutrition?
How can you develop a nutrition plan that will give your athletes maximum results?