Certificate in Talent Identification and Development


The Australian Academy of Sport (AAS) Talent Identification and Development Workshop will assist you to identify and develop potential talent. The workshop aims to support and develop individuals that possess potential medal winning attributes.

Topics in this course include:

  • Identify selection requirements
  • Criteria development
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Physical and physiological testing
  • Sports science principles including biomechanics, physiology, and psychology
  • Long-term training programming
  • Selection policies
  • Implement a talent identification program

Course Duration

The delivery for the Certificate in Talent Identification and Development is five days (9am – 5pm).

Course Summary

This course provides the skills and knowledge required to utilise selection criteria and policies to make selection decisions in consultation with relevant personnel in specific sporting areas and or activities. It focuses on conveying selection criteria and policy to potential candidates, compiling selection data for potential candidates and applying organisational selection policies. The course will provide the skills and knowledge to implement and evaluate a talent identification system for athletes. It focuses on identifying and developing potential athletes to perform at elite competition level in the relevant sport. At the end of the course you will have the skills and knowledge required to apply sport or activity-specific knowledge to plan, implement and evaluate long-term training programs designed to develop individual sporting skills or physical capacity.

Delivery Methods

Training for the course will be delivered using one or more of the following methods:

  • Classroom
  • Workplace-based training
  • Distance (correspondence)
  • Training workshops in small groups
  • Blended options of training delivery
  • All programs, leaning materials and assessments can be translated into the language required

Training methods are selected to best achieve the required elements of competence while considering the learning style of the participants. The provision of training may include a flexible combination of any of the above. Students studying at home have access to training via Skype, email, or phone.

Assessment Methods

Assessment methods can include one or more of the following:

  • Questions and answers
  • Simulation
  • Role plays
  • Written and/or oral examinations
  • Projects and case studies
  • Observation
  • Practical demonstration and assessment
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