Diploma of Sports Development

Course Overview

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual intending to pursue a career in sport development. Occupational outcomes for this qualification can vary from managing competitions, sports venues and facilities and identifying and developing athletes. Work at this level would be undertaken with a high degree of autonomy. Work may be undertaken in locations such as Sports Clubs and Community Development Programs.

Job Opportunities

  • Competition Manager
  • Program Developer
  • Talent Development Manager
  • Sport Development Manager

Course Duration

The course duration for the Diploma of Sports Development is 9 months.

Course Content

  • Plan and conduct sport and recreation programs
  • Select and use technology for sport, fitness, and recreation
  • Provide drugs in sport information
  • Provide nutrition information to athletes
  • Support athletes to adopt principles of sports psychology
  • Facilitate groups
  • Implement selection policies
  • Implement a talent identification program
  • Plan and deliver coaching programs
  • Customise coaching for athletes with specific needs
  • Apply self-management to intermediate level coaching
  • Manage organisational risks
  • Facilitate community recreation initiatives
  • Develop and implement participation strategies

Course Delivery and Assessment Arrangements

Delivery and Assessment Arrangements

  • You can use a combination of pathways such as self-paced, classroom/workshop tutorial and on or off-the-job to complete the qualification
  • Competency based assessment is used during all assessment activities. Competency is achieved through demonstrating your knowledge and practical application of skills.
  • The “assessment activities” will include but not limited to such things as written/oral questions, third party feedback where applicable, activities, and scenarios of knowledge and practical application of skills.